Only 8 working days left! We spent most of the weekend putting things into the trailer and laundry. I still have to move my cool weather clothes in. We’ll be hitting 3 seasons as we move about. I’m starting with the summer things out and warm clothes under the bed. Later this week there will be a thorough cleaning of the trailer.

I put the final touches on our itineray. To say the least, it’s optimistic! We’ll travel through Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee and North Carolina for +/- 6000 miles. Then add what we do in the car on side trips so 8000-9000 miles seems likely. Steve showed me how to go into Google Earth and capture an image then to use Photoshop to mark a path. So here is the trip route.

Retirement Trip Route

 Along the way, we’ll cover 15+ National Parks and Monuments, see 17 scenic drives, visit 2 National Wildlife Refuges, kayak 9 lakes or rivers, hike as much as my short legs can handle, ride 2 trains and connect with friends and family in 3 places. So please check in often and follow us along.

We’ll miss all of our friends here. Do call or e-mail us often. What a party it will be when we get home!


About vagabondpress

Recently retired and "hitting the road". Hobbies include travel, nature photography, kayaking, hiking, good food and good friends.
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  1. Stacey Saunders says:

    Chari & Steve,

    Please have a safe, happy, and wonderful trip.
    I cannot wait to check in and follow along on your adventure!

    Love & Peace,


  2. Marilyn & Don Gross says:

    Chari & Steve,

    Hope you have a wonderful vacation and enjoy every minute of it. It sounds like a
    great trip. Stay safe and happy.

  3. Rita Cutini says:

    Steve and Chari,

    Have a wonderful safe and fun trip. Will look forward to all the updates along the way.

  4. Patty Wallat says:

    I wasn’t sure just when you were leaving. I tried to call the other night, but didn’t get an answer. Guess you were putting the finishing touches on the trailer. We both wish you two a safe journey. I know you will have a fantastic time. Those parks are amazing. When we were there last year, we could not believe how beautiful they were. Everyone should make that trip at least once in their lives. America truly is a wonderful country. Have a great time, be safe, and keep us all posted on your adventures. I will give you a call soon.

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  6. Mary says:

    I love looking at Beautiful pictures, both of you take beautiful pictures. Great sites to view. It like being in another world.

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