HAPPY 4th of JULY!

Bombs Bursting in Air


CHARI’S BLOG 7/4/10          

Just a quick entry before I run off to work (my next to last weekend!) and my last holiday! We spent a great evening with friends at our traditional celebration in Symphony Park, Charlotte. The traditional patriotic music of the Charlotte Pops Symphony was followed by a fireworks display. I took my Canon Powershot as it has a Fireworks setting and Steve had his Nikon and tripod.          

When you look at clouds, I think everyone tries to imagine shapes. I had some fun coming up with names for a few of the fireworks shots. See if you can name the others.          

Palm Tree Sneezing


The Spider and the Porcupine



 Now it’s your turn. I’ll take the best entry and edit this to show the winner and who came up with the name. Not exactly Powerball but fun, I hope! Steve will be adding some of his shots later.          

Get Outta My Way - Mike M.


Big Brother Watching - Cheryl N.


Winking lion – Frank R

About vagabondpress

Recently retired and "hitting the road". Hobbies include travel, nature photography, kayaking, hiking, good food and good friends.
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2 Responses to HAPPY 4th of JULY!

  1. Mike says:

    Pics look great! They are the only fireworks I got to see this weekend, thanks to Mother Nature having one of her hissy fits

    #1. GET OUT A MY WAY!!!
    #2. A sea anemone
    # 3. All Fire….No Works

  2. Cheryl Niedermaier says:

    Love the pic’s !!
    Look forward to checking out your blog during your travels~

    #2~Hungry Eyes
    #2~Big Brother watching

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