Getting Started


Lake Jocassee Arch


I’m just getting started on a blog that I hope to use on our upcoming travels. It will be a way to keep in touch with friends and family.

Over Memorial Day weekend we went to Lake Jocassee at Devil’s Fork State Park. This is a beautiful park in NW South Carolina. We were in the RV camping area but there are Villas for rent as well. For more information on this and other SC parks go to

This is one of the waterfalls that runs right into the lake. We sat in our kayaks for 15-20 minutes just watching and relaxing. A real zen moment! I used my Canon Powershot camera for pics taken from the water. I haven’t gotten nerve enough to take the Nikon D90 into wet places yet. Just think, 6 mos. ago this was my Good camera!

Waterfall View from My Kayak

Mountain laurel were blooming on one of the islands in the lake.

Mountain Laurel at Jocassee

Wild Rhododendron

As we paddled along the western shore, there were large bushes of mountain rhododendron in bloom.

Thunderstorms can pop up very quickly on the lake. You can’t see them coming because of the mountains.

Thunderstorm Brewing

Highbush Blueberry

This is the flower of the highbush blueberry which is found throughout the woods at Devils Fork. It is the great granddaddy of our cultivated blueberries.

We were rained in on Sunday until mid afternoon. When the skies cleared we took a drive around Lake Jocassee and neighboring Lake Keowee. Along the roadside were wildflowers including this butterfly flower. This is taken with my new macro (close-up) lens.

Roadside Beauty

Also along the road was this beautiful leaf which reminds me of swiss chard. As I looked closer, I saw an tiny, iridescent fly.

Fly on Wild Chard


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Recently retired and "hitting the road". Hobbies include travel, nature photography, kayaking, hiking, good food and good friends.
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10 Responses to Getting Started

  1. Daughter and mother of Grandchildren says:

    The pictures are GORGEOUS.
    I can’t believe you are blogging!
    It’s like you are getting younger by the day!
    Love you!

  2. Jennifer Saunders says:

    Great photos – I see you guys are loving the rv life. Hope to see you both soon.

  3. beverly says:

    WOW! Great pictures!

  4. EJean - says:

    Chari – great idea!!! AND more importantly you supply information on the plants etc! Thank you!! And have fun! am leaving soon for Oslo Norway ciao

  5. Patty Wallat says:

    Beautiful photos—I can’t wait to see what you post next.

  6. Rita Cutini says:

    Wow those are beautiful. Looking forward to see what’s next. You and Steve are always on the go, good for you…….

  7. Lyn Blyden says:

    Each section of the country has beauty to share and you are capturing it so well!!

  8. Cathy Myers says:

    Good idea! some of the pictures did not come through, though. Will put this on mom’s pc for easy access.

  9. Cheryl Niedermaier says:

    Love the close up shots !!

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